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Fertility Reflexology

Reflexology for fertility can be a great treatment for regulating cycles, reducing stress and much much more…

Trying for a baby can be extremely stressful and isolating. It can really take over your life. Suddenly your life which may have been well planned and successful seems out of control. You go from living day to day to month to month. Cycles of hope and disappointment which revolve around menstruation and ovulation.

Emotions can range from sorrow, anger, frustration to a deep depression which erodes your self-confidence and puts a strain on relationships and friendships.

Studies show that as a group, women with fertility problems are as anxious and depressed as women with cancer or heart disease.

As a Reflexologist, I do not underestimate the stress that is caused by infertility and how the stress hormone cortisol can cause huge imbalances in the endocrine system. This is a very important part of fertility reflexology ‘balancing the endocrine system’.

On a physiological level, Fertility Reflexology can help reduce stress and anxiety, on a physical level it can help with many of the medical conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids and unexplained infertility.

I have a wealth of experience treating individuals and couples with fertility issues. I use a number of methods such as Reflexology for fertility, Reiki, Abdominal Massage and self-help tools to provide the best outcome for my patients.

I have also suffered with Endometriosis, PCOS and an underactive thyroid so I have first-hand experience. I  have overcome my personal struggles successfully through the help of complementary therapies and changes to diet and lifestyle.

Infertility can be a very isolating  having someone treat you that understands both the emotional and physically challenges can be of great support.

Whilst reflexology for fertility can never claim to cure any particular condition, it works by balancing all the of body systems particularly the endocrine system. Balance in a woman’s or man’s emotional and physical well-being is extremely important in the attempt to conceive. By encouraging the body to work more efficiently it can create a healthier environment for possible pregnancy to occur.

fertility reflexology

Knowledge is a powerful tool and being well informed can help you make decisions that will impact your whole family in a positive way. Whilst not being medically trained,  I have a wealth of knowledge and passion for both infertility and its impact. Whether you are seeking information on the correct times to attempt conception or on what foods and supplements that may boost your chances of conceiving. If I can not help I will be able to refer you to someone that can.

Reflexology for IVF

I can treat at any stage of the conception journey, whether it is a medicated/assisted cycle such as Clomid/IUI/IFV/ICSI.  It works by enhancing the effects on the medication you are taking, ensuring that you are supported both physically and emotionally at a very stressful time. I have a wealth of knowledge and understanding on the different protocols and drugs that are currently used at the local clinics, including Oxford Fertility Unit, Woking Nuffield, ARGC and Create.